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Mario and Portal, a perfect mix

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May 17th, 2017

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Mari0 is a platform game that combines the scenarios, characters and general playability of the classic Super Mario Bros with the revolutionary mechanics of the not-so-classic Portal.

Thus, the player controls Mario through all of the levels of the legendary Super Mario Bros with the small addition that throughout the entire course of the game they can employ the famous "portal gun" to create portals in any part of the scenario. With these portals, the player is able to do things from throwing enemies out of the level to skipping ahead in the game, being that the physics are perfectly recreated.

Before starting the game, of course, you can configure many different options. First, in an awesome wink to Team Fortress 2, you can put any of more than thirty available hats on Mario. Next, you can choose the colors of both Mario's clothing and the portals that he generates.

This character personalization will come especially in handy when it comes to playing multiplayer with friends, as the game allows up to four Marios to launch portals in the same game at the same time.

As if the large quantity of levels and options that the multiplayer game offers weren't enough, Mari0 includes a level editor that you can use to create your own levels, and what's even better is the ease of playing with those that have been created by others.

Mari0 is a fantastic game, a brilliant platformer that becomes even more fun when played with friends. What's more, it takes up less than five megs and is completely free. What else can you ask for?
Reviewed by Andrés López

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License Free
Op. System Mac
Category Action & Adventures
Language English
Author StabYourself
Downloads 73,528
Date May 17th, 2017
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Mar 5th, 2012

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3 reviews


appdata174 icon
appdata174 in 2018

I don’t understand which Mac. Please tell me which Mac?

arturotototo icon
arturotototo in 2017

I was creating a world but I don't like it and I want to put it back the way it came, what I have to do is I don't know !!!

minime icon
minime in 2012

A couple of questions: Are they the same levels that Mario originates from? If so, is everyone there?


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